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Remote Assistance is provided as a feature of Concorde Complete Systems Assurance which is now a standard component of all service contracts initiated after 1st January 2019.

Concorde Complete Systems Assurance is also available for existing legacy contracts to provide ongoing fixed cost support, either remotely via Concorde‚Äôs Help Desk team or if required by on-site Field Technician for all print and scan related issues associated with the supplied equipment including the following:-


Access to our Help Desk manned by fully trained technicians.

Remote assistance and diagnostics.

Installation of print drivers following computer format/replacement.

Additional configuration of scan destination Address Books.

Reconfiguration of the equipment following network infrastructure changes such as ISP migration or non-supplied hardware replacement.

Print driver and device specific software/firmware updates.

Troubleshooting device related network, print and scan problems.

Additional refresher or new staff training required for print and scan operation and configuration including supplied software applications.

Comms configuration.

Comms training.

Automatic toner ordering.

Next working day toner delivery.

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